Media Statement

For immediate release September 14, 2017

The Ohio Conservative Energy Forum today issued the following statement from James Ervin, Chair, Ohio Conservative Energy Forum Board and Leadership Council Member, in response to State Senator Cliff Hite’s legislation to fix Ohio’s wind setback policy.

“We support Sen. Cliff Hite’s legislation to fix Ohio’s wind setback policy. Sen. Hite’s proposed legislation is a compromise between the current policy and what existed before 2014. Ohio must focus on renewable energy if it wants to continue to attract businesses such as Amazon and Facebook. More than 100 U.S. Fortune 500 companies have signed a pledge to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025 – in order for Ohio to attract such companies, the option must exist to build wind farms and power facilities with that energy.

We also must consider the role renewable energy plays in our national security. The U.S. Army recently contracted solar and wind to power about half of Fort Hood’s operations to ensure that the base has access to power if the grid is attacked and will save taxpayers millions.

The current policy is limiting landowner rights and it’s imperative we allow farmers to decide how to run their business, lease their land and provide for their families.

We are grateful to Sen. Hite for his continued focus on renewable energy and the importance it plays to the future growth of our state.”


Media Contact: Michael Hartley, 614-395-4545